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1. Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear Structure
Invited talks
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1 Hinde David, Professor Insights into Quasifission Dynamics from Mass-Angle Distribution Measurements
2 Bruce Alison, professor Non-yrast structure of 104,106Zr
3 Gade Alexandra, Professor Nuclear Structure of Exotic Nuclei from In-beam Nuclear Spectroscopy
4 Lichtenthaler Rubens, Dr Physics with Rare Ion Beams in Brazil
5 Andreoiu Corina, Dr. Radioactive Beam Experiments at TRIUMF
6 Casten Richard, D. Allan Bromley Pro Simple patterns and symmetries in nuclei: Macroscopic and microscopic aspects
7 Gomes Paulo, Prof. Systematic Results on Reactions and Scattering with Weakly Bound Nuclei at Near barrier Energies
8 Dasgupta Mahananda, Professor Time scales and mechanisms of breakup influencing fusion

Oral presentations
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1 Gulshani Parviz A 2-D Algebraic Model for First 0+ Excited States in Light Nuclei
2 Pinzón Javier, Physics student A fitting function for experimental Energy Ordered Spectra in nuclear continuum studies
3 Pierroutsakou Dimitra, Dr. Collective modes: dynamical dipole excitation in dissipative heavy-ion reactions
4 Figuera Pierpaolo, Dr. Collisions around the Coulomb barrier induced by halo and weakly bound nuclei: recent experimental results at INFN-LNS Catania
5 Id Betan Rodolfo Complex-Energy Shell Model Description of Alpha Decay
6 Rubio Berta, Prof Decay Studies of Tz=-1 and -2 nuclei and the “isopin quasi selection rule”
7 Martí Guillermo Elastic scattering of nuclear systems induced by weakly bound projectiles
8 Podolyak Zsolt Neutron-rich nuclei in the vicinity of the N=126 closed shell
9 Martinez Heimann Diego, Licenciado Non-capture breakup in the 6,7Li + 144Sm systems
10 Medina Nilberto, Dr. Nuclear Structure and Shell Model Description of the 37Ar Nucleus.
11 Timóteo Varese, Prof. Power counting and renormalization group invariance in the NN system
12 Assunção Marlete, Professor Reaction rate by the non-extensive thermostatistics
13 Martel Ismael, Dr. Reactions of halo nuclei at energies around the coulomb barrier
14 Pampa Condori Rubén, Master Degree Spectroscopy of 6Be by the 3He(7Be,α)6Be reaction
15 Clark Roderick, Doctor Spectroscopy of the Heaviest Nuclei
16 C. Pires Kelly, Dra. Study of the 6He+9Be elastic scattering at low energeies
17 Danielewicz Pawel, Professor Symmetry Energy from Systematic of Isobaric Analog States
18 Tabor Samuel, Professor Testing the Standard Model of Nuclear Physics
19 Arellano Hugo, Professor The unabridged momentum-space optical model potential for nucleon-nucleus scattering with non-local density-dependent effective interactions
20 Ferreira Lidia, Professor Theoretical studies of exotic drip-line nuclei
21 Hadizadeh Mohammad, Dr. Universality and scaling limit of weakly-bound tetramers

Poster presentations
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1 Hadizadeh Mohammad, Dr. Three- and four-nucleon bound states in three dimensions (without PW decomposition)
2 Carnelli Patricio Alpha particle angular distributions in reactions with weakly-bound nuclei
3 Deshmukh Nikit, UGC Research Fellow Elastic scattering and total reaction cross sections using the weakly bound projectile 7Li on medium – mass target 116Sn
4 Sawhney Gudveen, Research Scholar Fission of 219,220Ra formed in boron induced reactions
5 Jain Deepika, PhD Student Fusion excitation functions of 132Sn+64Ni reaction using ℓ-summed Wong Formula
6 De La Rosa Nathaly Measurement of 83Y life and side-feeding times using the Doppler Shift attenuation method
7 P. Huiza Juan, Doutor Quasi-elastic barrier distribution and derivation of the nuclear matter diffuseness
8 Flechas David , Master in physics st Simulation of the AGATA array and the investigation of the nuclear continuum

2. Applications of nuclear physics in medicine, environment, energy, art/archeology, space and national security
Invited talks
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1 Bradley David, Professor Applications of condensed matter understanding to medical tissues and disease progression: Elemental analysis and structural integrity of tissue scaffolds
2 dos Santos Guaciara, Dr. Beyond archaeology: 14C-AMS and the global carbon cycle
3 Jakubek Jan Radiation Imaging with Pixel Detectors
4 Martisikova Maria, Dr. Two dimensional silicon-based detectors for ion beam therapy
5 Pinsky Lawrence, Professor Understanding the Space Radiation Environment

Oral presentations
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1 Ayala Edy, PhD A general cavity theory for photon beams
2 Caicedo Ivan, Physicist Biomedical Imaging with the Medipix2 semiconductor detector at UniAndes
3 Kreiner Andres, Prof. Current Status of Accelerator-Based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
4 Correa Devés Rafael, Doctor (Dr) Detection of radioisotope 137Cs in the Andes mountain of Santiago, Chile
5 Cristancho Fernando, Prof. Gamma-backscattering imaging: evaluating the size of circular and ellipsoidal objects
6 González Natalia Characterization of a gamma-backscattering imaging device.
7 Mulhauser Françoise, Dr IAEA Activities on Accelerator and Research Reactor based Technologies and Applications
8 Sajo-Bohus Laszlo, Professor Interpretation of the gamma-Compton densimeter response by analyzing multi-scattered photons
9 Brandan María Ester Measurement and simulation of phase effects in radiological images of weakly-absorbing cylindrical objects
10 Rodríguez Wilmar, Physics Student Measurement of 238U, 232Th and 40K concentrations in different regions of Colombia.
11 Cole Philip, Associate Professor Photon Activation Analysis on Dust Particles
12 Viesti Giuseppe, Prof. Special Nuclear Material detection studies with the SMANDRA mobile system
13 Abdul Rahman Ahmad The Potential of Doped Silica Telecommunication Fibre as a 1-D Detector for Radiation Therapy Dosimetry

Poster presentations
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1 Taipe Patricia, Physics Student Absorbed dose assessment in newborns for X-ray examinations
2 ISSA FATMA, PhD Student Ge-doped optical fibres as thermoluminescence dosimeters for LDR I-125 brachytherapy sources
3 Vykydal Zdenek Highly Miniaturized and Sensitive Thermal Neutron Detector for Space Applications
4 Alves Haimon, Bachelor Characterization and classification of the first meteorite fall in Varre-Sai town, southeast Brazil, using X-ray microfluorescence technique
5 Villegas Lupe , Physics Student Implementation of in vivo dosimetry using diodes as part of quality assurance in radiotherapy
6 Caicedo Ivan, Physicist In-vivo X-Ray micro-imaging and micro-CT with the Medipix2 semiconductor detector at UniAndes
7 Sajo-Bohus Laszlo, Professor Inhibitory Effect of High Dose of X-ray on Plasmodium berghei in Cell Culture
8 Laulate Hidmer, Physics Student Mesh generator to be used in a few view tomograph for industrial applications
9 Sajo-Bohus Laszlo, Professor Multiphase monitoring by annihilation radiation coincidence mode
10 Silveira Marcilei, Ph.D Natural radiation in the sands of the Brazilian regions with different rock formations
11 Sajo-Bohus Laszlo, Professor Origin of the high radon concentration of Csaloka spring in Northwestern Hungary
12 Gómez-Muñoz Juansebastian Study of gamma backscattering in soil layers with different thickness and water content
13 Garzón Flórez Claudia, physics student The role of multiple scattering in the image formation with a gamma Compton backscattering device
14 Caicedo Ivan, Physicist X-Ray Imaging with the Medipix2 semiconductor detector at UniAndes

3. Hadron Structure, Phases of Nuclear Matter, and QCD
Invited talks
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1 Schaefer Thomas, Professor Nearly perfect fluidity: from cold atoms to the quark gluon plasma at RHIC and the LHC
2 Menchaca Arturo, Dr. Nuclei/anti-nuclei production in p-p and Pb-Pb at LHC energies.
3 Carrera Jarrin Edgar, Ph.D. Searching for a New Force of Nature with the CMS Detector
4 Bijker Roelof, Dr. Spin and flavor content of octet baryons
5 Maas Frank, Prof. Dr. Strange Quarks in the Nucleon

Oral presentations
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1 Mulhauser Françoise, Dr Proton Radius Puzzle
2 Djalali Chaden, Professor Absorption of the Omega and Phi Mesons in Nuclei
3 Peña Cristian Exploring a direct measurement of quark energy loss using semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering
4 Hakobyan Hayk, PhD Overview of hadronization data at CLAS (Jefferson Lab)
5 Cole Philip, Associate Professor Photoproduction of phi-mesons at threshold using a beam of linearly polarized photons
6 MARTINEZ DANNY Polarization observables from the photoproduction of ω-mesons using Linearly Polarized Photons
7 Baghdasaryan Hovhannes, Dr Preliminary Proton Spin Asymmetry results from SANE
8 Wu Huachuan , Dr Pseudo-scalar vs. pseudo-vector coupling in eta-meson photoproduction from proton
9 Lee Bum-Hoon, Professor QCD phase transitions with dense matter in holographic QCD
10 Paolone Michael Recent Studies of the Leptonic Decays of Photoproduced Vector and Pseudoscalar Mesons off of 1H at Jefferson Lab
11 Alarcon Ricardo, Professor The OLYMPUS Experiment and the Proton Form Factor Puzzle

4. Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics and Cosmic Rays
Invited talks
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1 Gasques Leandro Alpha-alpha interaction reexamined in the context of the Sao Paulo potential: possible applications in astrophysics?
2 Wiescher Michael, Professor Nuclear Astrophysics underground
3 Lepine-Szily Alinka, Professor Reactions with 8Li at RIBRAS (Radioactive Íon Beams in Brasil): astrophysical and nuclear structure applications
4 BARROS HAYDN The LAGO Collaboration: Searching for high energy GRB emissions in Latin America

Poster presentations
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1 Pazianotto Maurício Cosmic-ray Transport Simulation though the Atmosphere in the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly

5. Tests of Fundamental Symmetries and Properties of Neutrinos
Invited talks
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1 McKeown Robert, Dr. Electroweak Physics at Jefferson Lab
2 Pocanic Dinko, Professor Fundamental physics in rare pion and muon decays
3 Naviliat-Cuncic Oscar, Prof. Precision correlation measurements in nuclear beta decay

Oral presentations
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1 Salas Bacci Americo, PhD Characterization of large area and thick silicon detectors for neutron beta decay experiments
2 Opper Allena, Professor Limit on parity-violating neutron spin rotation in 4He
3 Leckey John, PhD Student Qweak - “A Search for New Physics” Status Update with Preliminary Results
4 Djalali Chaden, Professor The TREK program at J-PARC

6. Advances in Nuclear Instrumentation and Facilities: Radiation Detectors and Sources (Accelerators, Reactors)
Invited talks
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1 Roblin yves, Dr Recirculating Linear Accelerators for Future Muon Facilities

Oral presentations
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1 Tarifeño-Saldivia Ariel, Dr. Behavior of low energy fast Plasma Focus devices as D-D fusion neutron sources
2 Ribas Roberto, Prof. Controlling Camac instrumentation trough the USB port
3 Viesti Giuseppe, Prof. High rate read-out of scintillators with CAEN V-1720 FADC
4 Silveira Marcilei, Ph.D Leakage current and threshold voltage alteration due to X-rays and proton beam in nMOSFETs with different geometries.
5 Granja Carlos Neutron Sources for Testing and Calibration of Neutron Detectors for Space Research
6 Macario Kita, Dr Status of the 14 C-AMS Laboratory in Brazil
7 Greaves Eduardo, Prof. The thorium molten salt reactor

Poster presentations
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1 Sajo-Bohus Laszlo, Professor POCO Type Graphite Radiation Damage of Spiral-2 Neutron Converter Assembly
2 Montaño Jacobo, Mech. Engineer Development of an emittance meter and measurements off-line for the SPES project
3 Vasquez Jesus, M.Sc Off-Line Front-End Safety Control System for the SPES Project at the LNL
4 Sajo-Bohus Laszlo, Professor Preliminary Results of SPIRAL-2 Thermo Mechanical Neutron Converter characteristics
5 Jakubek Martin Probe and scanning system for 3D response mapping of pixelated semiconductor detector with X-rays and the Timepix device
6 Sajo-Bohus Laszlo, Professor SPIRAL2 Cooling panels and delay window design for the 50 kW and 200 kW neutron converter

7. Other
Oral presentations
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1 Tarifeño-Saldivia Ariel, Dr. Strengthening and motivating the teaching of physics and nuclear science in Chile