The American Institute of Physics (AIP) in a 6 by 9 inch format will publish the proceedings of the IX Symposium. Instructions can be found at

You should prepare your paper following the above instructions and upload the final PDF file to the website using the “Manuscript” option under “My files”. For file name please use the format LastName.pdf.
The deadline for submitting your paper is SEPTEMBER 9, 2011.
The length of your paper is determined as follows:

  • Plenary talks: 8-page paper
  • Parallel talks: 6-page paper
  • Poster presentations: 4-page paper
In order to publish your paper we need a Transfer of Copyright Agreement which must be signed by you. The form can be downloaded from (see link above) here. The signed form should be mailed or faxed or emailed (e.g. as scanned pdf file) to:

Ricardo Alarcon
Department of Physics
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-1504

Fax: +1-480-965-7954