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* Placement of posters by the presenters. Accompanied by Coffee Break.

# Official poster session, with required presence of presenters. All participants are invited.

& Official poster session, with required presence of presenters and participation of topic session conveners. All participants are invited. Accompanied by Coffee Break.



Topic Session:                                   Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and Nuclear Structure


Hadizadeh Mohammed                        Three- and four-nucleon bound states in three dimensions (without PW decomposition)           

Carnelli Patricio                                   Alpha particle angular distributions in reactions with weakly-bound nuclei       

Deshmukh Nikit,                                  Elastic scattering and total reaction cross sections using the weakly bound projectile 7Li on medium – mass target 116Sn   

Sawhney Gudveen,                              Fission of 219,220Ra formed in boron induced reactions        

Jain Deepika                                        Fusion excitation functions of 132Sn+64Ni reaction using ℓ-summed Wong Formula            

Rojas Justo                                          Influence of neutron emission on the measurement by double-energy method of mass and kinetic energy distribution of the fragments from spontaneous fission of 252Cf            

De La Rosa Nathaly                            Measurement of 83Y life and side-feeding times using the Doppler Shift attenuation method           

P. Huiza Juan,                                      Quasi-elastic barrier distribution and derivation of the nuclear matter diffuseness            

Flechas David                                      Simulation of the AGATA array and the investigation of the nuclear continuum



Topic Session:                                   Applications of nuclear physics in medicine, environment, energy, art/archeology, space and national security


Taipe Patricia                                      Absorbed dose assessment in newborns for X-ray examinations         

Dararutana Pisutti.                               Element Distribution of Thai Decorative Glass


ISSA FATMA                                    Ge-doped optical fibres as thermoluminescence dosimeters for LDR I-125 brachytherapy sources            

Vykydal Zdenek                                  Highly Miniaturized and Sensitive Thermal Neutron Detector for Space Applications            

Alves Haimon                                      Characterization and classification of the first meteorite fall in Varre-Sai town, southeast Brazil, using X-ray microfluorescence technique      

Villegas Lupe                                       Implementation of in vivo dosimetry using diodes as part of quality assurance in radiotherapy   

Caicedo Ivan                                       In-vivo X-Ray micro-imaging and micro-CT with the Medipix2 semiconductor detector at UniAndes  

Sajo-Bohus Laszlo                              Inhibitory Effect of High Dose of X-ray on Plasmodium berghei in Cell Culture            

Laulate Hidmer                                    Mesh generator to be used in a few view tomograph for industrial applications            

Sajo-Bohus Laszlo                              Multiphase monitoring by annihilation radiation coincidence mode       

Silveira Marcilei                                   Natural radiation in the sands of the Brazilian regions with different rock formations            

Balcazar Miguel                                   Nuclear Technique in Prospecting Geothermal Energy            

Sajo-Bohus Laszlo                              Origin of the high radon concentration of Csaloka spring in Northwestern Hungary            

Gómez-Muñoz Juansebastian               Study of gamma backscattering in soil layers with different thickness and water content           

Garzón Flórez Claudia                         The role of multiple scattering in the image formation with a gamma Compton backscattering device  

Pérez Curbelo Jesús                            Transmutation of long-life radioactive waste inventory from conventional nuclear systems based on gas-cooled pebbled bed ADS.       

Caicedo Ivan                                       X-Ray Imaging with the Medipix2 semiconductor detector at UniAndes


Topic Session:                                   Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics and Cosmic Rays


Pazianotto Maurício                             Cosmic-ray Transport Simulation though the Atmosphere in the South Atlantic Magnetic Snímaly


Topic Session:                                   Advances in Nuclear Instrumentation and Facilities: Radiation Detectors and Sources (Accelerators, Reactors)


Sajo-Bohus Laszlo                              POCO Type Graphite Radiation Damage of Spiral-2 Neutron Converter Assembly            

Montaño Jacobo                                 Development of an emittance meter and measurements off-line for the SPES project            

Vasquez Jesus                                     Off-Line Front-End Safety Control System for the SPES Project at the LNL

Sajo-Bohus Laszlo                              Preliminary Results of SPIRAL-2 Thermo Mechanical Neutron Converter characteristics

Jakubek Martin                                   Probe and scanning system for 3D response mapping of pixelated semiconductor detector with X-rays and the Timepix device  

Sajo-Bohus Laszlo                              SPIRAL2 Cooling panels and delay window design for the 50 kW and 200 kW neutron converter